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Shandong Lingjun Import & Export Co.,Ltd established in the 2005 and located in the north of China, Linqu city. Started as a family owned enterprise to produce silicone sealant, fences, membrane structure engineering products, we've been spent 14 years from only a fences workshop to to grow up as a big factory with three branch facilities, 15,000 square meters and the total capability is over 20,000 tons. Since 2010, Lingjun changed company policy and focus on international market. Now we have stable business relationship with more than 25 countries, like Australia, South-East Asia, Latin America and etc.

Corporate Philosophy

Our aim is being the reliable partner in construction area within the whole world. Through efficient and reliable communication and supply lines using our forward-thinking philosophy, commitments through technological innovations and customer services standards.

Over the years, our experience in this field has helped us to understand customer requirements and provide them with high quality products at reasonable prices. Our product range caters to most of the requirements of construction industry. We plan to expand our business prospects to meet our customer needs, keeping our appetite to grow through exceptional client relations.


Our vision is clear. We will continue to improve our attributes such as flexibility, dependability, cost, speed, and quality to meet the satisfaction of customer needs for each of our customers.


We Shandong Lingjun Import & Export Co.,Ltd give top priority for quality of our products. All our products are manufactured by our own factory and every batch is tested in our independent laboratory, under world renowned quality standards.


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